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I am watching the program on RAI, Paradise for the Ladies. I love it! It is a story of a department store, called Paradise Delle Signore”, beginning in 1953. The story begins when Teresa, the main character, breaks up with her fiancé. She leaves Sicily for Milan to live with her uncle and aunt. There is a lot of drama after she arrives in Milan. Finally, Teresa gets a job as a salesgirl at Paradiso Delle Signore.

There are two men who are interested in Teresa. Pietro Mori, the owner of the department store and Vittorio, who works as an advertiser for the department store. Personally, at first I couldn’t decide between Pietro (known as Sig. Mori) and Vittorio. Both men are charismatic and handsome. Signor Mori seems older and more powerful, but Vittorio is more fun and nicer. Also, I like Vittorio because he has hair like my husband had, many years ago.

There are man stories in the program. My favorite character is Clara Montovani, the boss of the salesgirls at Paradiso. She has a child, that she gave up for adoption, ten years prior. She also has a relationship with Corrado, the boss of the warehouse. So many stories show the differences in culture and in time, and in the south and north of Italy.

After a weekend of hard work I have noticed something important that I want to share with you all. I tried to watch a new series, Suburra, and I have noticed that I can’t understand all the words, all the expressions, that the characters use. But it’s not a problem with my ability to listen, it’s a problem with my vocabulary. I don’t know the right words so I can’t understand all the phrases. I need to improve my vocabulary to improve my listening. An important lesson!

Oi galera. Hoje eu não fiz nada, mas amanhã tenho um teste de biologia, não estou nem um pouco preparada. Preciso de férias.
É muito difícil escrever sem usar um tradutor, saber como escreve ou saber as palavras, por isso é provavel que tenha muitos erros horriveis aqui.
Por hoje isso é tudo.

The big day had arrived! I woke up early because I know this day would be very long and busy. At 7 we went for breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant. There was a breakfast buffet in this restaurant where you can eat as much as you like. With all the things you expect. Sausages, eggs, bacon, hash browns, black pudding and lots of other stuff. When there is so much on offer I don’t worry about the diet. I filled my plate and sat down to enjoy a big breakfast with my better half. After another plate of food and a dozen cups of apple juice, it was time to go to the venue.

My fiance was a bridesmaid, so when my sister arrived we had to be there. It doesn’t take me as long to put on my suit so I didn’t have to rush it. So, I spent most of the morning walking around and helping when something wasn’t right.

After a long wait, the big moment had arrived. My sister, the beautiful bride, was walking down the aisle with my step father. She was beautiful. In that moment I realised that my little sister wasn’t a little girl anymore but she had become a fantastic woman and I was so happy to see her so happy. The ceremony went smoothly except when my sister said the next line in a hurry because she was so nervous and excited.

Then there was time to take some photos and drink some beers before the dinner. I found some peronis so I was very happy. The food at the dinner was fantastic and all the speeches went well. Especially the two best men’s speech. They were really funny and their joke was very popular. When they made the toast, they removed a slice of toast from their pocket and raised it up. Very funny and stupid.

I don’t remember much more of the evening and night, because I drunk lots of peroni and I spent a lot of time dancing, singing and generally enjoying myself. The following morning I wasn’t enjoying myself. I have a huge hangover which made the journey back a lot more difficult. Now I have to prepare for my wedding. Only 8 months left now…

The past few days, the past few months I have achieved many of my deepest dreams. I thought that I would be full of energy. Full of desire to follow my passions. Full. It is the opposite. I feel a deeper emptiness than I have known for a long time.

Have you ever finished an intense book, where you felt like a part of the story? It becomes a part of your life and you can’t imagine a day without that story, without those characters. When you finish that book, how do you feel? I am sure that you have a feeling of desperation, of absence. I know because I felt the same way after finishing the Chronicles of Narnia… the first time that I read them.

And that absence is what I feel now after finishing my site that you are using now. Finite Languages. I don’t know what to do anymore… it has been such a great part of me for an entire year. I woke up every morning with a solution to a Javascript issue, spent my lunch breaks designing a way to protect against online hackers, I was happy, angry, sad. I felt all of the feeling that come with a magnificent book. Now it is finished.

Now it is the time to share it, the sequel. Sharing it can be difficult in its own way and I am not yet capable of giving it all of my energy. My heart remains with the prequel. I hope that you would help me until I am able to find my strength. If this site is helping you, if you like these texts, I ask you to share it. Just a single click would help me out a lot.

Der Tag war beschissen. Das wusste ich schon am Morgen, weil ich verschlafen habe und an diesem Tag eine wichtige Klausur hatte. Deshalb habe ich den Bus verpasst. Meine Eltern waren schon bei der Arbeit, also musste ich laufen. Es sind fast fünf Kilometer zur Schule und ich bin zehn Minuten zu spät gekommen. Natürlich war die Klausur ein Desaster, Ich konnte mich nicht gut konzentrieren und Mathe mag ich generell nicht. Aber die Katastrophe ist noch nicht zu Ende. Ich habe meine Französischhausaufgaben vergessen (und ich habe sie gemacht!). Sie liegen auf dem Küchentisch. Meine Lehrerin hat mir eine Zusatzaufgabe gegeben und wollte mich nach dem Unterricht sprechen. Sie hat mir gesagt, ich muss mich mehr anstrengen. Das finde ich etwas übertrieben, denn das war das erste Mal, dass ich meine Hausaufgaben vergessen habe. Das Gespräch mit meiner Französischlehrerin hat so lange gedauert, dass ich meinen Bus wieder verpasst habe. Also bin ich zu Fuß nach Hause gegangen. Als ich zu Hause angekommen bin, habe ich bemerkt, dass ich meinen Schlüssel vergessen hatte und meine Eltern kommen erst später. Also habe ich mich dazu entschieden, meine beste Freundin zu besuchen. Aber sie hatte auch einen beschissenen Tag. Ihr Freund hat sie verlassen und sie hat nur geweint. Als ich mich auf den Weg nach Hause gemacht habe, hat es angefangen, zu regnen und natürlich hatte ich keinen Regenschirm dabei. Das war mir schon egal. Zu Hause angekommen, war ich komplett durchnässt. Meine Mutter hatte schon auf mich gewartet. Sie hatte mir eine heiße Schokolade und zwei Handtücher hergerichtet. Ich habe meine Haare getrocknet und meine Eltern haben von ihrem Tag erzählt. Dann ist auch meine Schwester gekommen und wir haben zusammen einen guten Film geschaut. In diesem Moment ist mir wieder bewusst geworden, dass jeder Tag mit der Familie gut enden kann.

What a long weekend! So much excitement over just a few days. My little sister got married on Saturday and it was marvelous! We drove down to London on Thursday to help with the preparations and that was the start of the driving problems. A 3 hour drive took us 5 hours, so I was exhausted when we arrived. I even had a little nap in the day to try and recharge; which is very unlike me. We then went for dinner with my mum and I realised how stressed she was… she needed to calm down a little as it was making everyone nervous.

On the Friday morning we left early as we had stayed at my sister’s house and wanted to give them space to get ready and enjoy their last day together before the wedding. So, we decided to head to Canterbury, where the wedding would be taking place on Saturday, and explore. The city is beautiful but parking is an absolute nightmare! By the time we found somewhere to park we were both starving and needed to get some food very quickly. I chose poached eggs with hollandaise sauce which wasn’t great; a little cold and tasteless. My better half made a much better decision (as always) with a fried breakfast; sausages, eggs, mushrooms and black pudding…. I was so jealous.

Later that evening we met my mum at the hotel, after a huge problem finding the hotel, and we went out for dinner before the big day. My mum was still very stressed but, luckily, we managed to convince her to have a little drink and after 3 glasses of wine she was a lot calmer. That made it a lot easier for all of us to relax and have a nice meal. There was a special offer on fish and chips so we all had the same meal and it was very nice. The two pints of beer I had with it also helped.

Nice and relaxed we were ready to get an early night before all the excitement of the wedding…

Als ich klein war, habe ich mich sehr für das Universum interessiert: Die Sterne, der Mond, die anderen Planeten,.. Dieses Thema hat mich in der Schule sehr interessiert. Zu meinem zehnten Geburtstag habe ich ein Buch über das Sonnensystem bekommen. Ich habe es so oft gelesen und wollte immer mehr wissen. Am Gymnasium hatte ich gute Noten in den Naturwissenschaften. In meiner Freizeit habe ich viel über das Universum gelesen und auch einige Kurse besucht, um mich auf die wichtigste Prüfung meines Lebens vorzubereiten : den Eignungstest, um Astronautin zu werden. Als der Tag gekommen ist, war ich sehr nervös. Der Test hat einige Stunden gedauert und ich habe mich gut gefühlt. Danach musste ich zwei Wochen auf die Ergebnisse warten. Ich habe den Test bestanden! Ich war der glücklichste Mensch auf der Welt. Meine Eltern waren sehr stolz auf mich und ich konnte den Beginn der Ausbildung kaum erwarten.

Dann kam der erste Tag : Ich bin sehr früh aufgestanden, um nicht zu spät zu kommen. Ich war an diesem Morgen sehr fröhlich. Ich habe Musik gehört ,gut gefrühstückt und bin zu Fuß zur Schule gegangen. Aber an mehr kann ich mich nicht erinnern. Jetzt bin ich im Krankenhaus. Ein Arzt hat mir gesagt, ich hatte einen Unfall,aber ich habe keine Schmerzen. Im Gegenteil, ich spüre meine Beine nicht und kann nicht mehr gehen. Mein Traum, Astronautin zu werden, ist geplatzt. In diesem Moment kann ich den Mond nur durch das Fenster des Krankenhauses betrachten.

Hallo! Ich heiße Lisa und werde bald Italienisch (an der Uni) studieren. Ich bringe mir die italienische Sprache seit etwa einem Jahr selbst bei. Nächste Woche werde ich einen Test schreiben, um mein Italienischlevel herauszufinden. Deshalb möchte ich jetzt ein bisschen Grammatik wiederholen.


October 24, 2018
Paradiso Delle Signore

Paradiso Delle Signore

Sto guardando il programma della RAI, “Paradiso Delle Signore”. Mi piace molto! È una storia di un grande magazzino, che si chiama “Paradiso Delle Signore”, ha inizio nel 1953. La storia comincia quando Teresa, il personaggio principale rompe con il suo fidanzato, in Sicilia. Parte dalla Sicilia per Milano per vivere
October 22, 2018
Instagram Video Transcript 22.10.18

Instagram Video Transcript – 22.10.18

Dopo un weekend di duro lavoro ho notato una cosa importante che voglio condividere con tutti voi. Ho provato a guardare una nuova serie, Suburra, e ho notato che non riesco capire tutte le parole, tutte le espressioni, che usano i personaggi. Però non è un problema con la mia capacità di ascoltare, è un
October 18, 2018
Mi Vita Ora

Mi vita ora

Ciao a tutti. Oggi non ho fatto niente, ma domani ho un test di biologia, non sono preparata neanche un po'. Ho bisogno di vacanza. È troppo difficile scrivere senza usare un traduttore: sapere come scrivere o sapere le parole, per questo è probabile che ho fatto molti errori terribili qui. Per oggi questo è
October 11, 2018
Il Matrimonio Di Mia Sorella – Parte 2

Il matrimonio di mia sorella – Parte 2

Il grande giorno è arrivato! Mi sono svegliato presto perché sapevo che questo giorno sarebbe stato molto lungo e impegnativo. Alle 7 siamo andati per la colazione nel ristorante dell'hotel. C'era un buffet di colazione in questo ristorante in cui potevi mangiare tutto quello che volevi. Con tutte le cose che si aspetta. Le salsicce,
October 7, 2018
Sono Stanco

Sono Stanco

In questi giorni, in questi ultimi mesi ho realizzato tanti dei miei sogni più profondi. Pensavo che fossi pieno di energia. Pieno di voglia di seguire le mie passioni. Pieno, ma anche il contrario. Sento un vuoto ancora più ampio di quanto abbia mai conosciuto prima d'ora. Avete mai finito un libro intenso, in cui vi
October 4, 2018


Quel giorno è stato orribile. Lo sapevo giá dalla mattina perché mi sono svegliata troppo tardi e avevo un esame importante. Per questo, ho perso l'autobus. I miei genitori erano a lavoro, allora dovevo correre. Sono quasi cinque kilometri fino alla scuola e sono arrivata dieci minuti in ritardo. Naturalmente, l'esame è stato un disastro:
October 4, 2018
Il Matrimonio Di Mia Sorella Parte 1

Il matrimonio di mia sorella – Parte 1

Che weekend lungo! Così tanta eccitazione per solo un paio di giorni. La mia sorellina si è spostata sabato ed è stato meraviglioso! Giovedì abbiamo guidato fino a Londra per aiutarli con le preparazioni, e questo è stato l'inizio dei problemi. Per un viaggo di tre ore ce ne sono volute cinque, quindi ero esausto
October 3, 2018
La Luna

La luna

Quando ero piccola, ero molto interessata all'universo: le stelle, la luna, gli altri pianeti,.. Questo tema mi interessava molto a scuola. Per il mio decimo compleanno ricevevo un libro sul sistema solare. L'ho letto tante volte e volevo saperne sempre di più. Al liceo avevo buoni voti in scienze naturali. Nel mio tempo libero leggevo
October 2, 2018
Imparare L'italiano

Imparare l’italiano

Ciao! Mi chiamo Lisa e fra poco studiarò l'italiano all'università. Studio la lingua italiana da circa un anno (da sola). La settimana prossima avrò una prova per riscontrare il mio livello d'italiano. Non ho parlato o praticato l'italiano da tanto. Per questo, voglio ripertere un po' di grammatica adesso.