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Wow these past two weeks have been quite hectic. It started 2 saturdays ago when I awoke feeling poorly. By lunch time i ended up in hopsital with a suspected heart attack, fortunatley this was no the case. I live with my mother to care for her, and on arriving home I found her lying on ther floor. She had fallen trying to open the garage door for me. My mother is quite a large lady and I had to call a friend for help to get her up but on this it was apparent that she had hurt herself badly, so back to the hopsital we went. Eight hours later I arrived home leaving my mother there for the night.
The next day I was back at a hopsital, this time at Newcastle an hour away. But this one was planned, my sister needed a operation and again I was in the waiting room for 5 hours. So for that week my time was going between taking my mother to nurses to check and dress her wounds and visiting my sister an hour away. I’m so tired!!

Today I listened to a really interesting podcast from The Fluent Show about injecting fun into your language learning where Kerstin Cable and Olly Richards discuss the idea of having fun when you are learning a language and what motivates them. This made me think about the things that motivate me when I am learning Italian and how I try to enjoy the language everyday.

Over the six years I have been learning Italian I have often lost motivation and stopped studying it, only to return a few weeks or months later to find I had forgotten a lot of the language and had to work really hard to start improving again. Things feel very different for me now as I think I have found a good way to keep Italian in my life everyday and stay motivated to keep learning and improving so that I can eventually become fluent.

The first reason I learn most languages is for a holiday so I can communicate with people, solve any problems along the way and find the true experience of the people and the culture of the country I am visiting. Without learning the language I think it is very hard to really see the country and meet the people.

After the holiday is over it is always hard to keep learning a language, as I found when I learnt French, German and Icelandic. So this is why I have had to find a second reason and that is to do all the things I love doing in English, but in Italian instead. That is where motivation comes into play.

For me, the way I stay motivated is by working towards being able to do something new and fun in the language I am learning. I learn lots of vocabulary about the weather so I can discuss the weather with my Italian friend. I watch lots of cooking videos so I can cook some Italian food and tell my friends about it (in Italian of course). Or I watch lots of TV and films that I enjoy in English to use the language I am learning. Therefore, I always plan fun activities to do that will show I am making progress and I can have lots of fun using Italian.

My tip for you… find the things that you enjoy in your native language and then complete activities that will let you do that fun thing in your new language.

My name is Fran and I live in australia. I’m learning Italian and also the sicilian language because I have relatives that live in Sicily. My father was sicilian where as my mother is australian. When I was young we always spoke english as my father believed that since we live in australia we should speak english. But my mother learned sicilian, italian and calabrian, a real mixture!!

I’m from Nevada. I was born and raised in Reno, known as the “biggest little city in the world.” I have a love-hate relationship with my city. I like the wide open spaces, but I don’t like the climate or desert landscape. The air is too dry and my skin is dry like a lizard. Winter is too long and cold. Hopefully one day I’ll live near the sea. However, I am very happy to live near my relatives. I have my mom, dad, and brother in Reno, and my other relatives in California. There are also a lot of beautiful places to visit in the mountains, like Lake Tahoe.

I have often thought about whether I would like to live abroad. It is a very common question when you are passionate about languages and travel. However, I don’t think I would like to do it in the traditional way. Normally when someone wants to live abroad they sell their house, say goodbye to their family and friends, and move to a completely new country to start a new life. I don’t think this would work for me.

I like my life. I have a really nice house, great family and a really nice life. It would feel like I have lost all my hard work by getting rid of it all. Especially after all the work I have done in the house I would hate to just sell it and move on to do the same in another house in a different country.

My preferred method would be to travel and live abroad for some time, between a month and six months, and then be able to return home to my home. As they say “Home is where the heart is” and being able to come back to my own place is a nice feeling. I also love living in the British countryside. My family comes from London and so I know all about the big cities, underground and everyone always being busy. I like a nice calm life, with fresh air and lots of great pubs. Nothing better than having a cold beer in a pub after a long walk in the fresh air.

With services like Airbnb becoming more popular it is possible to move around abroad and work online while you are travelling. This would mean that I have more time to explore the country, meet the people and experience new things. Then when we are finished with our trip we can come home and spend some time relaxing before the next trip.

What do you think? Would you like to move abroad permanently or have longer trips?

I am passionate about languages. I love studying languages. In the last six years I have learnt six languages to different levels. Italian, German, French, Spanish and Icelandic… Obviously I also speak English. I was always searching for a hobby to do in my free time and to find something I could become passionate about. Languages are this hobby.

Fast forward to last September and I decided to study to become an English teacher. After many hours of study and work, I passed the exam and started teaching students at the start of 2018. I was so nervous, like the first day at school. I wasn’t sure what to expect or even if I would be good enough. But after the first lesson, all my worries vanished. This was the perfect job for me. In the last few months, I was teaching in the evening after my full time job. This was very tiring but very rewarding. This is the reason I decided to leave my job and become a full time teacher. To spend all my time doing what I love. The dream!

I think this decision was the hardest I have made in my life. But when I have the support of my fiancée (soon to be my wife) and my family, I know I can do anything. Everyday I work to become a better teacher, a better man and to create the life I have dreamed of. Step by step. I hope that all these small steps turn into great change. I wait to see!

Salve gente! Voglio solo dirvi qualcosa riguardo me. Un anno fa ho deciso di cambiare il mio stile di vita mettendomi in gioco per una nuova avventura. Come qualcuno di voi già sa, la situazione lavorativa italiana non è molto rosea e l’unica buona decisione era quella di trasferirsi in un altro paese. Quindi eccoci qui! Con un nuovo lavoro e, credo, nuove capacità linguistiche. La prima volta che sono arrivata quaggiù è stato davvero difficile conversare con la gente, specialmente perché c’è un accento molto forte. Non riuscivo a comprendere l’inglese, quindi potete immaginare il loro dialetto? Ho deciso di rimanere concentrata, non imparando il dialetto ma provando a imitare i loro modi di dire, la loro cadenza.
È divertente quando mando qualche messaggio vocale a Bryce perché persino lui mi ha detto che ho acquisito la cadenza inglese.
Dopo un anno tutti i miei amici dall’Italia mi dicono: “Devi essere brava in inglese adesso”. Ma voglio essere onesta con voi. Passo il 75% del tempo sorridendo e pregando che la persona con cui sto parlando non mi faccia domande. Non farei una bella figura se rispondessi sorridendo.
Forse sarà una vera e propria ragazza inglese tra anni!!!

For those of you who don’t already know, my name is Bryce and I have a son that I speak Italian with exclusively. I have been learning Italian for almost 5 years so I am able to speak about anything that I want, even if I often make mistakes. However, mistakes aren’t so important when you are speaking with a toddler that doesn’t know anything about language. He has grown up a lot since I started and he now understands when I speak and even responds! It is so impressive that I hardly even believe it!

Anyway, he really likes animals and he is always asking me their names. Puffins, flamingos, jellyfish… I have learned a ton of names since I started this adventure with my son. I knew that it was very important to use a foreign language in order to learn it well but I didn’t know that it was so important. I have since put my Italian aside to improve my German and I have noticed that it is more difficult for me to remember the German words because I don’t use them in my life!

Therefore, if you want to learn it is necessary to find a way to use the thing you are studying. Good luck with your studies!

I want to learn new languages, experience new things, improve myself, and much more, but more than everything else I want my work to change. I don’t fit here in my office, and am not a good employee. Many times I am supposed to be working but I can’t do it. My computer sits here in front of my expressionless face while I think about actual important things. There is war everywhere. Kids are starving. The world is breaking down. They tell us that we aren’t supposed to worry about it, that it is all out of our control, but I don’t believe that. I believe that we alone can change the world, and I will do it… if I can first find a way out of my office.

Don’t let society tell you that you can’t do anything about it. It is possible and the world needs us now.


September 24, 2018
Due Settimana Pesante

Due Settimana Pesanti

Mamma mia queste ultime due settimane sono state abbastanza pesanti. È iniziato due sabati fa quando mi sono svegliata male. All'ora di pranzo sono finita in ospedale con un sospetto infarto, fortunatamente non era così. Abito con mia madre per prendermi cura di lei e quando sono arrivata a casa, l'ho trovata sdraiata sul pavimento.
September 19, 2018
Qualcosa Su Di Me

Divertente e Motivazione

Oggi ho ascoltato un podcast molto interessante di The Fluent Show sull' aggiungere il divertimento allo studio di una lingua straniera, dove Kerstin Cable e Olly Richards discutono l'idea di divertirsi quando si impara una lingua, e cosa le motiva. Questo mi fa pensare alle cose che mi danno la motivazione quando studio l'italiano e
September 19, 2018
Qualcosa Su Di Me

Chi sono io?

Mi chiamo Fran e abito in Australia. Sto studiando l'italiano e il dialetto siciliano perché ho parenti che vivono in Sicilia. Mio padre era siciliano invece mia madre è australiana. Quando ero piccola parlavamo sempre inglese perchè mio padre credeva che siccome abitiavamo in Australia avremmo dovuto parlare inglese. Invece mia madre ha imparato
September 18, 2018
La Mia Città

La Mia Città

Vengo dal Nevada. Sono nata e crescuita a Reno, che é conosciuta come “la più piccola grande città nel mondo.” Ho una relazione amore-odio con la mia città. Mi piacciono i grandi spazi aperti, ma non mi piace il clima e il deserto. L'aria è troppo secca e la mia pelle è secca come una
September 14, 2018
Vivere All'estero

Vivere all’estero

Ho pensato spesso se mi piacerebbe vivere all'estero. è una domana molto comune se siete appassionati di lingue straniere e viaggi. Però, non penso che mi piacerebbe farlo nel modo tradizionale. Normalmente, quando le persone vogliono vivere all'estero loro vendono le proprie case, dicono arrivederci alla famiglia e amici, e vanno in un nuovo paese
September 11, 2018
Qualcosa su di me

Qualcosa su di me

Sono appassionato di lingue. Mi piace tantissimo studiare le lingue. Negli ultimi sei anni ho imparato sei lingue in livelli diversi. Italiano, tedesco, francese, spagnolo e islandese... naturalmente parlo anche inglese. Ho sempre cercato un hobby per passare il mio tempo libero e trovare qualcosa che riesca ad appassionarmi. Le lingue sono questo hobby. Avvicinandosi
September 10, 2018
Something About Me

Something about me

Hi folks! I just want to let you know something about me. One year ago I decided to change my lifestyle, setting myself out on a new adventure. As some of you already know, the Italian job situation is not very rosy and the only good one choice was to move to another country. So
September 10, 2018
I Nomi Degli Animali In Italiano

I Nomi Degli Animali in Italiano

Per chi di voi non sappia già, mi chiamo Bryce e ho un figlio con cui parlo sempre e solo italiano. Imparo italiano da quasi 5 anni perciò sono capace di parlare di qualsiasi cosa voglia anche se sbaglio spesso. Gli sbagli però non sono così importanti quando si parla con un bambino che
September 10, 2018
Mein Wunsch Um Mein Leben Zu Ändern

Mein Wunsch, mein Leben zu verändern

Ich will neue Sprachen lernen, neue Erfahrungen machen, mich selbst verbessern und vieles mehr, aber vielleicht mehr als alles andere, will ich meine Arbeit wechseln. Ich passe hier im Büro nicht rein und ich bin kein guter Mitarbeiter. Viele Male sollte ich eigentlich arbeiten, aber ich kann nichts tun. Mein Computer steht hier vor