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I am watching the program on RAI, Paradise for the Ladies. I love it! It is a story of a department store, called Paradise Delle Signore”, beginning in 1953. The story begins when Teresa, the main character, breaks up with her fiancé. She leaves Sicily for Milan to live with her uncle and aunt. There is a lot of drama after she arrives in Milan. Finally, Teresa gets a job as a salesgirl at Paradiso Delle Signore.

There are two men who are interested in Teresa. Pietro Mori, the owner of the department store and Vittorio, who works as an advertiser for the department store. Personally, at first I couldn’t decide between Pietro (known as Sig. Mori) and Vittorio. Both men are charismatic and handsome. Signor Mori seems older and more powerful, but Vittorio is more fun and nicer. Also, I like Vittorio because he has hair like my husband had, many years ago.

There are man stories in the program. My favorite character is Clara Montovani, the boss of the salesgirls at Paradiso. She has a child, that she gave up for adoption, ten years prior. She also has a relationship with Corrado, the boss of the warehouse. So many stories show the differences in culture and in time, and in the south and north of Italy.

Paradiso Delle Signore

Written by Sara